can anyone give me advice on some new tunes to play, it can be any genre. I would just like some new songs to play.

thanks in advance jack
i like opeth songs, they have a real variety in them usually, maybe some children of bodom would be good. How good are you?
dependa,if ur a beginer just go 4 some easy ones that sound good and everybody know e.g ACDC-back in black(very eary intro),jet -r u gonna be my girl and the nxt week a little bit hrder songs like dragonforce-body breakdown(hehehE)
Black Sabbath-Iron Man

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im quite good.. ive been playing for half a year and i can manage solos. (not super hard ones)
yes, try some children of bodom, i enjoy playing that, ive been playing 2 years but im not that great
sunshine of your love - pretty easy solo and such. . .
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