I bought my Squier Affinity Strat for $185 canadian. I was amazed at the quality of this guitar. If I remember correctly, I played a $500 Ibanez thing, and the neck was beaten up, like it had been in a blender (only the bottom of the neck anyway) But my little Squier, it has an amazingly smooth neck, nothing wrong with it, except for very very minor things like the knobs, being a little light and plastic-y. So, if anyone in world bought this guitar, come here and talk about it please.
it's a good beginner guitar. there are several. but making a statement thread only causes problems.

if u have a question then ask it.

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i think squier guitars arnt as bad as people put them out to be they play damn well for the price your paying
i bought it, it was absoulutely pathetic. Body made of cheap and nasty wood. Pickups were as weak as cheap wine. Colour fades beyond belief and accumulates scratches and dents from the most slight touch. Oh, and it had some **** name on the headstock, squier I think. Then they had the cheek to put fender underneath it in small letters. This certainly isn't worthy of the hallowed fender name. But never mind i had lots of fun on it. Actually, i had more fun smashing it into a million pieces and burning it than i ever did playing it! what a totally and utterly w**k guitar
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