i was observinf these two fender beuties and they both have high rating but i do not know if to choose the deluxe fender jazz bass, i really like how it looks, but in the other hand is the fender vintage 62 jazz bass.....i like it a lot too but i dont know wich one to choose

help please, put some expirience u have had with the basses, technical stuff, stuff that would help me choose...my gnre is like putting GNR,RHCP, and Iron Maiden in a box

plisss help me
When I played the deluxe jazz at the local store, it really disapointed me, it played like a squier, maybe it was the action, but it was awefull.

I would go for the 62'
I would go for the regular Jazz. To me, all the "Vintage" style instruments i've played weren't really up to par. They seem to be centered more around the cosmetics than the feel and playability. Just my opinion though.
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