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Question about tapping....

I find when I am tapping that it is hard to avoid extranneous noise that occurs when my right hand near my palm touches the strings. I touch the strings to try to avoid excess noise by damping them with my palm, but you get that sound underneath that sounds like you're rubbing your hand on them. Not terrible, but noticeable. Not as clean as I would like. Some of my tapping requires that I move my hand, say tapping the 15, 17, 19th frets in alternation over top of my left hand fingers playing the 9th and 12th fret. (essentially an A triad made up of C#, E and A, with the right hand sketching out a melody of A, B, C# notes over top).

I've tried tapping so that only my tapping finger(s) touch the strings, and only when they are needed at the moment of tapping, but the excess noise is even worse, just due to movement of the guitar, etc.

I guess it is a matter of adjusting *something* so that it fits in best with the least of the evils I described above.

Just not sure which one....

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