I am extremely seriousabout buying one of them I hear that the custom is a bit more because of the cosmetic features,but is there anymore to it? If the custom plus is better, I will buy that over the std plus. Is the sound the same?
Why do people always ask rather than trying guitars for themself, you must see what you prefer, people like what they like.
For some reason I thought you were talking about buying medicine to prevent STD outbreaks...until I actually read the title, I thought it said epilp custom, and I'm like...STD medicine?
Anyway...I have no idea...Dont pay attention to me, I'm just really bored, posting on threads I know nothing about.
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they are both the same except for cosmetics
i would have a hard time choosing between those two if i were you....the standard+ in the see through black is sweet, but the custom looks beautiful too.....
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how bout the classic quilt tops they have on musiciansfriend.com right now, those are pretty awesome looking
Well the standard plus and custom are the same your paying for cosmetics. So you should get whichever one appeals to you more since one is not better than the other.

The quilt top has hotter open coil pickups and a slimmer neck slightly moere aggresive I guess but still same.
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