how much time do you think that a guitar noob could learn this song?
(is not funny...)
well its kinda repeating in begining until solo but for a noob I say it would take 1 year since a noob would have to learn to master vibrato,bends etc
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Depends on how n00bular the person is, really. Also different people progress and learn differently, so someone might suffer for a year, while someone else might master it 2 months after picking up a guitar for the first time.
People say to sweep it, but I alternate pick it. It sounds better and feels better for me. It took me around a week to learn it. The only real hard part is the sweep he put in there, and that's if you're not good with sweeps yet. Otherwise, it's not very hard. It sounds great, though. Like in Rock Discipline, he said just play it slowly. And gradually increase the tempo. It's mad fun to play.
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Seeing as most of the feeling is converyed in the notes themselves when in reference to Petrucci (With all due respect, I love the man), playing it as well as he can wouldn't take a year for someone worth their weght in dog shlt. Unless you learn slowly.
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
Haha, it's petrucci level, if you can do it in 2 months of 1 year..
Thank god, that you are just learning this piece.

It's pretty advanced, intermediate advanced at least.
i've only been playing a little over 2 and a half years and i can play up to where it starts the intro the 2nd time, i havent taken the time to learn the rest. I might go back and do that, but it seems really repetative.

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