Ok heres the story, I boaght a Vintage Randall combo amp (10" Speaker). It doesn't work. It turns on, but no pop when you turn it. I plugged headphones in the headphone jack and got the pop. Is the speaker blown? Or is it one of the wires that goes to the speaker? I opened it up today and the input jacks where you plug your guitar into is shot but other than that it appears to be in excellent conditon. Plz help!
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That's hard to diagnose from here. Try this, take a flashlight battery and tape two wires two it. Strip each end first.Attach one on each pole + and -. Touch the other end of the wires to the speaker terminals and see if you gat a noise or movement of the speaker cone. That'll eliminate the speaker or confirm ither way.
get your input fixed and make sure all your wires are connected
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