Hello everybody. I'm music loving teenager who needs some help.

I'm currently working on an econ paper about online music sales and the future of music piracy. But I need some stats to throw around. So I made this online survey that asks about your music purchasing habits and stuff.

If anyone who sees this could take the survey (it only takes a minute) I'd really appreciate it.

why did you ask the first questions over again at the end??? plus there was one i didn't answer about owning a cd or a download, cuz i makes no difference to me. also what does my income have to do with any of this???
You asked certain questions twice "(how many CD's do you buy a month?", for example).
yeah, i know don't worry about it. Notice the answer choices are different (ex. how much music do you purchase online- one of the choices is 0-5.) i soon realized that 0-5 wasn't a very accurate representation of the facts, as those people could have bought nothing or 5 songs; vvvery different.

Thanks sooo much for taking this for me everyone. These results are gonna rock.

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