Im looking for good metal pickups in a Humbucker - Single - Humbucker config... any suggestions?
ZW EMGs and/or Seymore Duncans
My Gear:
Carvin DC400C
Schecter Damien Elite 7 string
Boss Metalzone
Laney GH120 Head
Rhino 4x12 Celestion
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EMG 81/S/85, but EMG's only sound good through a good tube amp, what do you have?
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whats your budget? what guitar is it going in? what amp? otherwise id stick to me Bareknuckle Miracle man in the bridge, Sinner in the middle, and nail bomb in the neck
^ Second that, mmmm nailbombs :licklip: maybe try a set of nail bombs N and B and then an Irish Trilogy in the middle too.
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yeh well with Bareknuckle you got lots of versatility so dont really need to restrict your self to their cast amounts of pickups