I just read the article on Tritones. Well-written, but I just needed some explaining with this part here:
Perhaps one of the best examples of a scale using tritones, the diminished scale is simply formulated but is still an amazing discovery! To play a diminished scale, starting from your root note, go up one whole step (2 frets), 1 half step (1 fret), whole, half, etc. One thing to note, however, is that a diminished scale has two distinct modes. The most common mode is to start the ascent one half step below your actual root note. If you play a C minor chord, you would then back it up with a B diminished scale, which would look like this:


A second but less-commonly-used mode is to start the ascent a full step below the root note. Sticking with the C minor chord again, you would back that up instead with a Bb diminished scale, which would look like this:


Why would you start a half-step or full step below the root? Just so it doesn't sound nasty the whole time? Or is there a more advanced degree of theory to it? Thanks for any replies.
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