hi i play classic and hard rock, i love the tones of guys like page, slash, john frusciante, hendrix and randy.

my budget is about 800£.

thanks for the help.
JCM 800 or 900.
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i found a marshall super lead for about 400£ i could buy a farily decent/,mediocore cab for that? other wise i have found a jcm2000 for about the same?
i agree JCM 800 or JCM 900

the 900 has more gain, if it makes any difference, but most people tend to like the 800's better for some reason, i honestly dont know why
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Many like the 800 better because of it's classic voicing, warmer than the 900, still plenty of gain, it sounds like Marshalls are supposed to sound. The 900 is good too but more modern voiced, higher gain.

For a cabinet the G-flex is a nice cabinet for not a whole lot of money. Better yet (depending on you budget) would be either Avatar or Vader cabs.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
g-flex > avatar/vader

carvin legacy 4x12 > g-flex though...

marhsll jcm 800 or 900 with a carvin legacy 4x12.
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^^^Sorry but you're way off. For the money the G-flex is good, but not better than either Avatar or Vader.

However the Carvin is another solid option.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.