I have a dean ml and im trying to figure out just what specifically it is. the guy at the music store where i bought it said it was a dean ml platinum cbk. it is black with a tune-o-matic bridge, chrome hardware, chrome-covered humbuckers, string-through body, and block inlays. the serial number is E021488. any help is greatly appreciated.(btw, its not one of the dimebag signature models.)
well you know generally i'd say the guy at the store probly knows what it is if he sold it to you
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the guy you bought it from told you what it was and you don't believe him ????
contact the manufacturer!
there is absolutly nothing on the internet about this particular model. id believe him if i could actually find any proof that such a model even exists. id post pics, but i have no idea how and dont have a digital camera.
well then send an email to Dean guitars and yeh they probably would wanna request pics as well. but oh well.
tell us what they send back. id so laugh if you had like a rare model and they wanna buy it back for triple what you pay (probably wont happen though)
Ask on the Dean forum. I bet you'll get a quick reply there, even faster if you post a pic...
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