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Ibanez rg321
13 57%
Epiphone vintage g-400
10 43%
Voters: 23.
Depends what type of neck shape you're after... they're probably about the same quality wise
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i could really use some more replies
one of these is gonna be my first guitar and i want the best guitar for the money
i like prog. metal,metal, rock, classic rock,and could get into some blues
if your gonna get into blues later, dont get the ibanez. they are for rock/metal. the sg could go from heavy metal to nice warm blues with the turning of a couple knobs.
isn't the ibanezbetter for shredding which im already interested in (love john petrucci)
also im not into blues currently and im not completely sure when ill get in to them might be a while and sound is mainly pickups right so i can always change the pickups
Think of it in these terms: both are mahogany, both are dual humbucker, both have tame stock pickups.

Both will be good for any genre, and you can shred on the SG, but Ibanez makes it much easier. In my opinion, the advantages of RG321 over SG for the music you plan to play are:

- 24 fret satin finished neck - the hand glides on it effortlessly, and it's thinner than the SG
- five-way switch - you're stuck with a three-way if you get the Epi, and five-way gives you more pickup hookup options
- string-thru, versus Epi's stoptail, in my experience results in better sustain
- price: RG321 is around a hundred dollars cheaper

Oh and no, the sound is mainly your amplifier. Cheap pickups can sound great on a great amp, but a cheap amp will not bring out the qualities of even the boutique pickups.
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