let me start by saying I'm not really a negative person but it seems theres been atleast 10 times in the last month this band has irritated me. I love metal, bands like alice, soundgarden, megadeth, metallica, sabbath, etc and the unfortunate thing is i play a lot of sports. And the standard crowd of 19-25 year old athletes loves soft, yuppy, pretentious music, this is where dave matthews comes in.

I don't even really ahve a problem with him by his self its the fans who think for some reason this guy is a minor deity and feel like shelling out 150 bucks for tix proves as much.

His music is uninspired whinging IMO, theres nothing there you can;t here in a bar uptown 3 nights a week by any and all of the bands who copy cat him. What you've had girl problmes, nah really dude, thats the first time I've heard that. Certainly the type of inspired drivel to get you up for game.

And get this according to a friend of mine he;s the next Bruce Springsteen so show some respect.....right, not the I care much for Springsteen either but...seriously..I laughed in his face countered as usual by the "well atleast it's not that noise you listen to" right. I like metal therefore I must have issues theory, right?

And I hate people who play acoustic guitar standing up, am I the only one? it just bothers me, I have no valid explanation other than I think acoustic music has way more power when theres a bunch of guys sitting performing it.
I have no idea who you're talking about

But STFU, if you don't like this whoever just ignore it. Is there really any need to complain? I learned that after I went an a mild Slayer flame and looked like a complete idiot
random complaining ??? *reported*
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you complain aboutd ave matthews making whiny music...but you're whining about it...what a baby
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Why, thank you for enlightening my otherwise monotonous day, thrashbass69.
I like metal also, but I can listen to and appreciate Dave Matthews, if you dont like him, get over it, I'm sure not everyone here likes all teh same bands you do, but you don't see us bitching about a lot of people liking them do you? no, so shutup