Does anyone have this guitar? I was browsing an online auction site and apparently this company called 'Keiper' makes guitars in germany and sells them online to the higest bidder, the higest bid on this one was only 21 euro (and there's another one being auctioned, at 25 euro) Ofcourse this is a very very low price for a guitar, especially with these specs:


bottom / notch: mahogany
Length: 1030 mm
Top: spruce First fret gauge: 43 mm
Hals: mahogany, one piece with put-on headstock Scale: 648 mm

lacquered with pearl dot-inlays & bindings, 20 frets
Colour: transparent wine red sunburst
Hardware: chromium-plated
rosewood bridge

So anyone have any experience with these guitars? Is this just a very good deal or am I being f*cked? The buyer feedback is very positive btw.....
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I've just ordered a Les Paul Copy from them for £43. They've emailed me to say they don't have it in stock!!! Not good so far and judging by the feedback on the site, long delivery times is a problem.....guitars are supposed to be excellent tho