ive got a jackson rr-94, and the action is horrible, like...its really high up near the 12th fret which makes it hard to play fast stuff..and if i try lowering the action, i get huge amounts of fretbuzz around the first frets...is there anyway i can fix this? maybe a new nut or something? [btw the neck isnt bowed]
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Try adjusting the truss-rod, but get some guitartech to do it, because if you don't know what you are doing then you can seriously mess up your guitar.
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you should check out the manufacturers recommendation for the action. try adjusting it to however millimeters they say.
its probably either truss rod adjustment, or a bad nut. to test the nut, fret the third fret, and the string should be touching, but not pressing on the second and first frets.
Always check your neck relief before doing anything to your truss rod.
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