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wasnt Let it Be partly a live album? im probably wrong though...

well the videotaped them working on it but let it be was just studio as far as the album goes. they were gonna just record it live but that didnt happen
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Beatles go in the Classic Rock forum.

sorry i didnt realize i had put it in modern
Search their torrents, they have one cd with like 25 songs.
Love in technicolour, sprayed out on walls
Well I've been pounding at the pavement
'Til there's nothing at all
I got my cloak and dagger
In a bar room brawl
See the local loves a fighter
Loves a winner to fall
It's been long out of print and they might not have ever released it on CD but they had an album called Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Booyakasha
The Beatles were from an era when, frankly, live production was dreadful. I haven't seen them personally, but some friends of mine said they were disappointing. Whilst no one can argue about their songwriting talents, the recordings relied heavily on George Martin's production, and was something they could never reproduce on stage.
The Beatles never released a live album because the main reason bands release live albums is to finish a contract with a record company whereas at least for the end of their career they were on their own label. Also while they weren't together all that long they recorded a huge amount of studio material.