hey everyone im going to a concert next friday with a friend and i was curious if any of yall have been to it and if so i was wondering if yall liked the show. if you have seen any of these bands in concert i would love to hear how yall like their shows. the bands are hinder hoobastank chevelle and nickelback.
all i know is, expect a wet tshirt contest with hinder
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I saw Hoobastank at my brothers college a few years ago, and they put on a horrible show =0. Eh, maybe it's just because I don't like them.
Saw all of these guys Tuesday. We got about 10 feet away from the stage. I thought it was an awesome show. At one point Nickelback stopped playing and threw cups of beer into the crowd. Me and my friend got soaked. Have fun.
i just got bak from the show and it was amazing. all of the bands were great i think i made the right choice of going to this one instead of going to see staind. the lineup was hinder chevelle hoobastank and nickelback. i thought that hoobastnk was amazing and nickelback had alot of fire and damn i cant even explain