Im looking for a good hardshell case because i need 2 take my guitar on a plane and from what u understand u cant carry on. Would this be a good case, i can get it at the wholesale price of $35 as opposed to $109. Would it be worth the money and would it hold up on a 6-8 hour flight.
first of all, you HAVE to carry your guitar as carry-on. if you don't, even in a case, it won't come out nearly as nicely. second, don't listen to advice saying loosen your strings. the tension is what helps keep your neck straightish (it's never really straight). there you go.
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dude if it's a hardshell see how hard it is...throw a rock at it or something (make sure your guitar isnt in it wen u do throw a rock). if it survives i think $35 is a ****in excellent price...although $109 seems real
I don't think that money is a problem when I am trying to protect my guitars. You could spend $35 and end up with your neck snapped in half. The airline people don't understand that guitars need special care. Spend the extra money on soemthing that is stronger.