Ok, i'm trying to record by running a line from the headphone jack on my amp to the microphone jack on my computer. I got the adapter and everything all hooked up but for some reason its not recording anything. Also, i'm getting a lot of static from my amp. Could anybody help me out with this?

Edit: I'm using a Marshall AVT 150 head and I tried running the line from the 'emulated line out' jack and it is gettin sound on the computer now but there is static all over the recording and it just generally sounds like crap. Any ideas?

ESP EX-102
Marshall AVT150 Half-Stack
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mess around with it a little bit. those adapters arent the best quality ive learned. when my adapter doesnt work from my pedal to recorder i mess with it and it works. usually u have to partially unplug the cord. my line doesnt work when i have it in all the way so i have to have it about halfway. as for the static use higher noise suppresion or turn down your amp some. recording like that usually gives a lot of feedback.
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