I think the jack is lose on my guitar. If i move while playing, sound stops coming out of the amp, i can wiggle the cable and depending on where i move it then the guitar works. I hope i explained this clearly enough. PLEASE HELP. Im not a very technical person, so please make it easy to understand as possible.
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alright, see the washer on your output jack on your guitar? you know thw hole you put the cable in? tighten the washer. if that dont work, tighten the input washer on your amp. if that dont work get a new cable. if that dont work somthings either wrong inside your guitar or inside your amp. hope that helps
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Tightening the washer will probably do the trick. If the whole this is wiggling around you should probably take it in to a repair shop and have them check it out.
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try tightening the washer but be careful. if you tighten it too much you'll tear the wire off inside on the jack and then it has to be soldered back on. if its extremely loose then undo the two screws on your guitar then hold the jack with plyers and tighten it.
you might have to solder the wires in the jack, its not to difficult, but yeah as people said try tightening the washer on your jack port on your guitar, or tighten the jack
if none of those work, take it to a tech
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