Poll: Out of these 7 basses, which do you think is the best (rhcp, ratm, audioslave..etc)
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View poll results: Out of these 7 basses, which do you think is the best (rhcp, ratm, audioslave..etc)
Schector Stilletto Studio-4
5 11%
Schector Stilletto Elite-4
9 19%
Peavey Millenium BXP
2 4%
MusicMan Stingray
21 45%
Ibanez BTB200
6 13%
Fender American Deluxe Jazz DMT
20 43%
Ibanez Sr Series (i'm not sure which one from the sr series i should get)
8 17%
Voters: 47.
well, for opening cans, the stilletto can work miracles... if you're planning on using it as a muder weapon, I'd go for the Stingray or Jazz; they have solid bodies that weigh enough to get a good swing...
In other words: what are you planning on playing with it? The Fender Jazz and Musicman Stingray are two different basses.
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It really depends on wat type of music you'll be playin. If ur playin stuff like the red hot chili peppers then get the stingray.If you want a heavier sound then get the BTB. The ibanez soundgear basses are also very nice and they arent very expensive. But i think the stingray is the best out of all of them.
ya depends on what style of muzack your gonna bang out of it. Oh wait, the voice in my head said , how about a Rogue VB 100 or Epiphone Viola ? Sounds great, price is good and loads of class ,and they dont look like every other bass when yu get a few feet away.
Without sounding really harsh...you must be a little stupid to be comparing a low model 'Nez BTB to a Stingray...? There's only about £1000 difference in price between the two...

As I have said to others before you, don't ask us, we aren't you...! Everyone has individual tastes, so go out to your nearest guitar shop, play EVERY bass they have until you find one that really suits you...Do this even if you're buying online, because although no two basses are the same, playing the same model before you buy will give you a pretty clear idea of how the one you order will play/sound/feel...

Good luck with the bass hunting

You misspelled Schecter >_> I still like the Elite the best though <_<
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