I tried running my line directly from the headphone jack into the computer and i got no sound. I ran it from the 'emulated line out' to the computer and its recording but there is tons of fuzz on it and it seems like its too loud or something. Any ideas?

ESP EX-102
Marshall AVT150 Half-Stack
turn down the volume on the amp?

i run amp straight to comp and it works fine.
I run amp straight through line in on the computer too. I find it helps to use no gain at all from the amp, instead use effects on the recording software, that way I can get a perfectly clean sound into my computer. Also try going to..control panel/audio devices or whatever/audio then turn the line in recording meter to about 75% up. I still get the ocassional "fuzz" sound when playing/recording but i just turn the treble/gain down further if it's up at all on my electric or acoustic and amp. OH, and yeah.. like bishk sayed turn the volume down on the amp. Keep it around 7-8 aswell.
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