ummm...Schecter, ESP, PRS, Dean...hard to pick one, but i guess schecter
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Gibson, but I havent played very many. It's either Gibson or PRS though.
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ESP baybeh :Headbang:
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Gibson Les paul. Coolest, best looking, sound awesome, feel great and like quality speakers, have the weight to suggest Q.

Slash, Jimmy page, Buckethead, James dean bradfield, Zakk Wydle, Joe perry etc...
Caparison > ESP > Jackson > Ibanez > A custom B.C. Rich
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Ibanez Universe is my favorite type of guitar. Not brand, TYPE.

*assumes theradstarter meant model, not brand*

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Fender or Ibanez.

IMO the Ibanez RG is the best looking guitar. Plays pretty damn goood too. Mine is a RG321MH Grey Nickle.

My favorite guitar is a Strat. I own a 1994 Mexi-Strat SSS, and a new China Strat Copy HSS.