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B.C. Rich
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WTF! you just posted this thread! AND HOW DARE YOU PUT SQUIER AND FENDER IN THE SAME CATAGORY! shame on you
Other, Capairison.
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Other, Capairison.

Aren't they like them little drinks in the funny pouch things?
ESP is t3h secks, and that is an understatement.
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ibanez, i own the more of them.
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Other, Capairison.

+1 with this dude but really Alex stop dropping the ball maybe you dont want the Caparison and maybe you should give it to me only joking im quite happy at the moment since im getting an Eclipse so yeh my G.A.S will be sorted for about 1 hour or so then im going back to look at the Caparison Dellinger in Twilight Blue
Other: Stagg.

I just don't know what it is about them, they just ooze quality, could be that metal thingy on the headstock.

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Other: Stagg.

I just don't know what it is about them, they just ooze quality, could be that metal thingy on the headstock.

stagg suck ass, they are **** quality, only useful for complete beginners
To those of you saying Gibson/Epiphone, and Fender/Squier are different brands, incorrect. They are both branches of the same company, albeit a gap in quality, they are classified under the father company.
Close Call between Gibson and ESP.

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Gibson Firebird lol seriously, USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION, there are thousands of these threads!!
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Out of those, Ibanez and ESP.
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Gibson has the best tone, the best, neck and more wood on the body - that means more material for the price and that means cheaper than any other guitar!

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what is a solo?