would a fender tube amp with a bad monkey overdrive be good for modern rock and a little bit ofmetal?
unless you already have bought a bad monkey a digitech screamin blues is more crunchy and distorted
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^ screamin blues will color the sound too much to use on a already overdriven amp, but would be better if you're wishing to distort the clean channel. for metal, i'd probably try a ts9, the bad monkey is a clone of the ts808, which has a vintage sound. the boss od1 and ts9 have more modernish overdriven sounds.
actually i believe what he asked for was what AMP to buy, not what pedal. I know that Twin Reverb takes the TS-9 extremely well, so if the bad monkey is a ts-9 clone, then itll take it the same.
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Well to be honest, not really. Your not gonna get the balls for a modern rock or metal sound. A Peavey XXX or Peavey 5150/ 6505 is gonna be alot better for you!
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While still being a great combination, those items won't be enough for what you're looking for.

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