ok well i put in a Killswitch into my GSA 60, now that iv done that it works andeverything right. but i noticed that when i have my switch to the possition of it to work, and amp on and w.e, my amp is really noisy, i donno what it is?!??!!!!, could it be a grounding problem ? if so waht can i do

Please guys help me out
hmmm...idn to much gain can do that...u mean like a real big buzzing???...
^-its a killswitch. it doesnt add gain.

it probably is a grounding problem. most of the wire groundings in your guitar should be soldered to the back of a pot which should connect to the bridge. if you solder the ground to the back of the pot, it should be good. wait for someone else to conferm though.
Well, I bet your killswitch just cuts the hot wire from the jack? That's not the way to do it. Your hot should be shunted to ground.
These go to eleven...
you can just run the ground wire to the ground on the output jack
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