ive been loooking around for some nice new neck and middle pickups for my old strat. i already got my bridge pickup set for a lipstick.

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Circle jerk eh? Jeez look out Eddie Van Halen, The_Clap is making a Spankenstrat

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Yeah no foreplay needed with a Blues Jr. she'll warm herself up.
Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots. check www.acmeguitarworks.com for sounds, I have a set of Blues in my strat, best Vintage overwound strat tone ever.
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^^^ Nailed it. Fralins are awesome.

Others to consider would be Kinman, Joe Barden, Bill Lawrence (no joke), and Rio Grande. You can find the Bill Lawrence at his site www.billlawrence.com , the others are listed on www.musictoyz.com .
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Rio Grandes get my vote. Probably the best single coil I have ever heard. They have some real nice humbuckers, P90s, acoustic pickups, bass pickups, etc.