I am stuck with a baracuda electric guitar and am going to get a new guitar. I have narrowed it down to either get a

fender stratocaster (http://fender.com/products/search.php?partno=1519001841 except not reversel)

or a

jackson SL2HT Soloist (http://jacksonguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=2803076803)

The Stratocaster I can get for $650 and the jackson I can get for $600.

I play more metal than I do rock. I overall like the Stratocaster better, but would it play metal songs just as good as the jackson guitar? Because if I understand correctly, the Jackson guitatr is more of a metal guitar, and the stratocaster is better for older rock.

Thanks for any help
id go witht he jackson if i were you but i personally love strats cause theyre real versitile...i play metal with mine and it sounds pretty good to me
man!!! if u play metal and rock definetly the jackson..fenders are versetile but still the jackson is awesome...and more for metal and rock.. and u dont even have an amp and ur spending $1000 on a guitar...???
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see the thing is ive played a few jacksons and they never really impressed me
What's your total budget, and are those prices Canadian Dollars, or US dollars?

Tell me your budget and I'll recommend a guitar and an amp.
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I am willing to spend up to $650 CDN +tax for a guitar, and not sure about how much for the amp. I know my current amp is good enough. (10 watt, cheap brand) Would it be best to buy a nice amp and keep my baracuda and buy a nice amp for it? Or does the guitar make the bigger difference?
yeah, it looks just like the guitar Jimi Hendrix used a lot too. I tried it at the guitar store, and it played really nice, but I don't want to miss out on any nice metal sounds that a jackson could make. (I play metallica stuff mostly)