Got a question have you? Want an answer do you? Then stick it 'ere my son.

If you have a question concerning the underlying themes of your favourite bands lyrics, or you want to know what techniques your most inspiring poet uses.
Perhaps you have a question about the writing of lyrics, from your first piece, to your latest epic, or even *dare I say* you want to learn how to critique in a professional manner, then ask away.

For your ease of use, included here is an outline of what the Lyrics Tips Thread essentially covers, (located where you found this) If your question is covered within the articles featured in the Lyrics Tips then just click this link below.

>>Lyrics Tips Thread<<

Why Write

Writers block - Inspiration - and how to get it.

Rhyming - Varying schemes

Acheiving flow - Meter - Syllable counts

Definitions of Poetic devices

Cliches - And ways of avoiding them

Lyrics or Music first - Melody writing

Different Structures - Sonnets

Catering for your Genre - Emo - Rock - Punk - Metal

Revising your work - Adding the extra spice

Also here is a few of the most F.A.Q's

If you see your question here, its in this thread. Pages are included.
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