Are these amps any good cause im looking for a good tube amp and these seem to fit the bill. i played one but i didnt get to use it to its full extent. im looking at the AD30VT, AD50VT, AD60VT, and AD100VT.im not gigging yet but i plan on doing it once my friend and me get a decent band together. i play mostly Classic Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Audioslave. would this amp be a good match? cause i want a tube cause ive own only a solid states. any information on these would be awsome


I have one. It's a great amp. Just keep in mind, it's not FULL tube, it's a hybrid. But it should fit your style of music very well.
Ya man vox valvetronic is a great amp, even tho i had one along time ago and i sold it lol , but yeah it is a good amp
It's the best amp in its class....for the money (tube or hybrid) its miles ahead of the competition. The only other contender that you may want to try is Marshall's hybrid combo.

The Vox is not an all tube but unless you are a super tone snob, it'd work just fine. The effects that come with it are great...

My only complaint is that there are only 2 channels and a bypass...so you can only use 2 of the effects with the footswitch, otherwise you'll have to be fiddling with the amp halfway through the song. Not to big of a deal if you have your own effects anyway.

I highly recomend it. When I need to pick up another practice amp/small gigging amp...it'll be a Valvetronix.
I own a AD50VT and wow... just wow. It blows away everything else I've ever played. The effects are beautiful on it. The thing can go from an acoustic simulator tone, to hard thrashing metal... and they both sound brilliant. It's loud enough to do indoor gigs with. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it
i own the ad30vt and its a great amp, great effects and everything suitable for classic rock blues grunge punk, some people say it doesnt have enough edge for thier style of metal but it works for me
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o if ure gigging maybe the 50vt
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
it uses tube in the preamp, then uses SS stuff to amplify the signal, so basically it's just a gimmick of a SS, the distortion is shit in my opinion too.
the vox can do metal. i have a DS-1 and i am running a les Paul and a DS-1 into a ad30 and it does metal perfectly. you jsut have to know how to work the EQ. turn on the delay and turn the time all the way down and you will ge ta very randall disturbed, pantera bit of sound to it. just work around with it. its perfect for everything, get the ad50, good for gigging.
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how does your ds-1 work with it? do you use it on the clean channel? im looking at getting something to give me a more metal tone
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