What gear they use, preferably for the verse leads at 1:19 in No Hardcore Dancing in the living room.

Any tips appreciated.
Thier tone can actually suck pretty bad at times. I mean listen to the tone of the guitar at the beginning of "There's No Penguins In Alaska". That tone is pretty awful, great band but I always thought thier production could be a little better.
Yeah I agree, it varies, I just think the specific tone I'm looking at is great, sounds very recto-ey, but I'm not sure.
I figured an sg was involved somewhere, the low end for the chugs is there but it could've been deeper using a thicker bodied guitar. What about amps?
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I thing the tone works well for their style. One of them uses an SG, the other uses a warlock. They have lots of mid, less bass and highs, and some gain, but no a lot.

I'm pretty sure neither of them uses a warlock. I've seen the other guy play a PRS SE or something on multiple videos, but they were relatively old.