What a band, great performance on the new material as well as the old stuff. Loving the new guitars and light show. They proved it at Glastonbury and now again at Leeds & reading that they really are the best live band around. No one else around like them.

Futuristic rock!


watch it via you red button on bbc.
I just heard of this, but now I hate you for rubbing it in...

Is there any way an American can see BBC with my fancy cable crap that I don't know how to use?
Not sure mate, but dvds will no doubt appear on UK Ebay before long. It was astonishing, they played Knights of cydonia of the new alum first and that riff towards the end is heavy beyond belief. Also did Starlight, with the crowd clapping in sink with the drums, 1 normal 2 fast. Buterflies and hurricanes, Time is running out, Hysteria, Sunburn, Plug in baby, Supermassive black hole, Feeling good, New born etc

It was effects and light show city. Big time. BBC have it on their interactive servic to watch all week. Check the below site in a few days to a week or 2,. They also have other shows to watch/listen to.



US dates are 10/09 until 23/09/2006
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Oh if you can find BBC 2 on your cable package then the higlights start at 11:20pm - 12:50am GMT (uk time) BBC is what has more coverage of the two feastivals though. i saw about 13 songs. Looks like the oldest TV broadcaster in the world delivers yet again!!!!!!! Couple of shots from the show

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yeah, i was there... suckers it was incredible
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