which one do you hate the most?

at the moment i cant seem to do anything without a circut city popup showin me who's boss
irony, i was typing about how i dont get ANY popups

then one came and messed me up
This thread was the most annoying pop-up I've seen all year.
- FJ

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Every ****ing tab I look at, that son-of-a-bitch pops up and takes my whole screen.
get a pop-up blocker? I don't ever get pop-ups.
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mine always blocks one. then lets the other through...

but i dont even look anymore. ive actually gotten quite good at killing them pretty quick.
Right now I'm absolutely hating the Expedia one. The damn thing keeps taking the whole damn screen every damn time I swtitch pages or accidentally mouse over. It's so effing damn annoying.
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Those stupid effing popups that drop down from the top of your screen. EVERY TIME I GO TO A NEW PAGE ON THIS FORUM A POPUP DROPS DOWN! ARGH!
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