ok, so i got a $1000 bucks won from partypoker and i am ready to go tube after 3 yrs of learning. just want some opinion before i go to guitar center. thanks. UG RULE
What kind of music do you play? What kind of guitar do you have? What about effects?
marshall dsl 401 the amp that god him self handed down to man.....

no its just a pretty nice little amp i just got one like last mounth and its been holding up greatly
B-52 AT series are, for the price, quite a deal. a 2x12 and a new set of tubes (stock ones suck balls) would make the amp sound great, and itd be in your price range.
my fault, i play stuff like van halen, satch, metallica stuff like that. or seether, shinedown nirvana stuff when i sing too. mostly standard tuning stuff. a lot of palm muting, and harmonics.