I improvised 2 slide guitar tracks on top of eachother and then 2 distorted anti-slide guitar tracks. You sould tell me what the recording sounds like in comparison to the one below it too, if you'd like. And that's about it.
Crit while I listen...

Agree with the above posts. Seems completely random in places which certainly isn't a bad thing. I really like the progression at about 1:00. Works well. Would love to see you work a little on getting a better tone recorded. I've always been meaning to get in to a bit of slide guitar and you've done it well. The recording quality is better .. and it isn't. I prefer the rytham guitar of the second song (albeit a lot quiter) than I do the buzzy clipping guitar of the first. But the lead tone is leaps and bounds ahead of the whole second song.

Keep up the good work and dont be shy.. add more vocals.

ps. Get a Shure SM57 mic and a preamp and you'll increase your recording quality 200 fold. Actually, No, get the shure SM58 because the 58 is better for guitar than the 57 is for vocals... and dont get one with a switch.

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