smells like your moms pussy, jk pretty good cover, but it is nirvana
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Thanks, douche.

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well it delivers what it promises so I commend you on a good cover nice little variations in the solo as well

although in terms of entertainment yeah it dragged on a bit without the lyrics.
cool i guess. lol You shouldnt use the distortion when it isnt needed it makes the song sound the same throughout without the little mood changes in the verse. Some lyrics would be nice, as L1kel1ke said, it dragged a bit towards the end without the lyrics. But instument wise, you cant touch it, pretty solid performance.

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Not too bad. The drumming isn't quite correct though...especially near the start.
Also, yeah, turn off distortion in the verse, it's not on when Nirvana play(ed) it. And they were the awesomes
Other than that...pretty cool.
I thought it was okay, but the drums were kind of... eh, and there should be vocals!! hahaha, well at least it wasn't horrible, the guitar was great and stuff and i suppose that would be the most important aspect.

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