I broke my wrist at the beginning of the summer, after having my guitar for a little over a year. i'm a little nervous that when i get my cast off, i'm going to need to re-learn a lot of stuff. i'd like some help from anybody whose been in this situation and some suggestions for things i can do to keep my fingers in shape
ok, well i broke my left one and i could actually kinda play so...yeah all i did was just play as much as i could with a cast. Thats really the only advice i have.
Why would you need to re-learn anything? When the cast comes off, your dexterity and strength will be shot to hell, but both will come back pretty quickly if you work at it.
Dont worry, it'll come back to you.
Mark tremonti (lead guitarist of creed/alter bridge) thought he wouldnt be able to shred again for ages after he recovered from tendonitus after 9 months!

I think he said he picked it up again after a few days, and he was even better than before!

Taking a rest from certain things can help you to improve on them
Been away, am back
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thanks guys i needed a little reassurance

I had the exact same thing happen as well. I cut my cast off early I was going so crazy. It all comes back in the course of a few days. You don't have to worry mate.
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I broke my arm a few years ago, it was a big enough cast on my left wrist that I couldn't play at all. I almost died not being able to play.