Is it possible to use Guitar Rig without the footcontroller? I am using my friends software, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it without the hardware. Is this possible? I have a Toneport UX1 and then my normal soundcard. How would I do this?
haha im in the same situation
i downloaded guitar rig, but i dont know how to connect my guitar to th thing
I use guitar rig through my line 6 toneport.
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Quote by LikeAStone
I use guitar rig through my line 6 toneport.

Could you explain how you got that to work? What settings did you use?
uh.. plug the guitar into the Line-In on your soundcard. make sure you use ASIO as your input method, with a low latency of about 2-5ms. you'll need a good soundcard for this though, so if you're using ****ty onboard sound (which you probably are) then you'll need to get the toneport or whatever the crap it is.
I got it to work. My soundcard can handle. Its not onboard and is a rather nice "creative".