Alright all you indie-heads and music snobs, I know everyone has a handful:

Those prized finds.
The most random of places, the rarest, the stealiest of prices.
CD stories that give you a high for a week.

I'll share a few of mine:

Mine have mostly been hardcore staples... I'll start slow.

I found Chavez's "Gone Glimmering" for 5 bucks in Upstate New York. It was cool because I had just recently heard of them. The owner was some whiley black dude with a knack for arena rock i.e Journey.

Here's one to brag about: Drive Like Jehu's "Yank Crime" brand new, 7 dollars in the nastiest warehouse basement I have ever been in. It was the House of Guitars (i'm pretty sure it's pretty famous) also in Upstate New York (actually.. i find a lot of good cheap cds when i go to upstate NY.. i guess they have bad taste up there and no one snatches them up).

Anyways, upstairs is a guitar shop---hundreds of guitars.. in piles. I would never buy a guitar from there.. horrible shape.

Downstairs is the same. It's the size of half a football field maybe... cds are barely alphabetized (the letters seem to snake around randomly ).. and there all in those stupid plastic things that stick out 8 inches on the bottom.. stuff is packed so tight that you can't put them back in.. so the tops of the cds are just cluttered with piles of refuse... after about 45 minutes of pointless searching: 'Yank Crime' glows in front of me.. no price tag. So the guy says 'uh.. 7 bucks.'

****ing Right

A shorty: I'm not sure if it's out of print.. but I found Shotmaker's "mouse-ear, forget me not" used for two bucks at a pawn shop. It's the first ten songs from their double disc discography (which i also have).. but i couldn't pass up having the original.

I wouldn't count internet deals (unless maybe it's ebay or something.. but it's less entertaining than finding classics in a dusty bin).. I did get Boy's Life's Self-titled for 4.50 and Dianogah's "Millians of Brazillians" for 3.50 both brand new and unopened.

Anyone else?
yeah I have no good stories either... most interesting stuff i've done must be getting some records from a local label around here. cheap stuff. oh and i was happy when I bought Yo La Tengo's Today is the day EP @ Borders (in the US) for 7$ or something like that
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I've got a pile of rare CDs/vinyls but I've never really had the luck of seeing the stuff I want in shops unless they're priced stupidly high - and in those cases I've never walked away with the stuff.

My favourite items though are probably my live Kind of Like Spitting CD (limited to 50, handmade - bought for $15 inc. p&p), my signed copy of 'No moon on the water' (Jason Molina single - cost about £30) which is on blue vinyl and only four were ever made in that colour, and my signed Time-Lapse Consortium disc which was limited to 100 copies (cost $20 inc. p&p) and that's probably worth a hell of a lot seeing as the normal discs go for £30 and there were 10,000 of them. Then there's my One AM Radio demo cassette. Never seen another copy and from what I know it pre-dates the released stuff, so that stays hidden away as I don't want that damaged.

Oh, and my copy of 'Come, come to the sunset tree' that is #2 of 5 (sub lot of the 1000 made) and came with a really rare book made by John Darnielle. Paid about £70 for that, but I'd say each sold seperately would be worth about £60.

Found good deals on CDs and stuff in shops, like that Spiritualized disc with the amazing case - I forget it's name - was quite cheap in HMV's sales. Been up in London and bought a few bits and bobs that I've been extremely pleased about, but never as good as the ones I've got off the net.
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GbV stuff and all the stuff I bought whilst in Ameoba Record Store in USA was cheap and classy.

Also, I have the original Bright Eyes Lifted [which has the sleeve with the wrong lyrics etc] and fevers [with the proper mirrors on it].

Loads of records too.
Well, I recently found the Danielson Famile's "Tri-Danielson" for $2. It's by no means rare, but I seem to have good luck finding stuff for pretty cheap. I've also gotten some Joan of Arc albums for around $5. There's a great shop here called Flat, Black, and Circular. If anyone's ever in downtown East Lansing, I urge you to check it out.
I got Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Delux Edition for 10$ at my record store. And about 2 years ago, my record store had grab bags for 1$. Each bag had 20 CD's in it. None of them were really hits, just obsure techno and pop CD's, but I did get quite a few amazing records from it, and discovered 2 amazing bands, VPN and Ammonia.

And I was talking to a guy who works at the record store in town, and he was able to find one of the first pressings of "White Light/White Heat" by the Velvet Underground, which has different album cover artwork. He's going to bring it in soon, and I'll take some pictures and maybe post 'em up here.
Well, the two 'rarest' CDs I have in my collection would be Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance, and Neutral Milk Hotel - In the... Hardly rare I know, but my collection and disposable income are so small that I'm focusing on picking up the classics right now. Oh, and for all you Americans, Harmonium's albums are probably kinda rare.

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i have lots of cds branded limited edition - you know the ones that come with an extra cd or dvd...but tbh i guess theyre not that rare.
well I have many but... the ones I truly can say "WOW!" are the Moving Units Demo and At the Drive-In's "Hell Paso" Ep.

where did I get them? ooh.. you know where.
My Biffy Clyro "Thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow" EP. Worth **** loads. Limited to like 500 copies or something.

Also I have Reuben's first (deleted and very rare) EP and singles. Worth over £100 altogether.

Most of my vinyl is pretty rare too.
Miranda, you have that?


Which goes for more these days, Iname or Thekidswhopop... ?

And, em, I have Four Ways To Scream Your Name by Funeral For a friend, worth a good bit and... well that's about it really.

Oh, and I have the Coheed & Cambria In Keeping Secrets With Blah blah blah with the names printed the wrong way (The Camper Velorium instead of the Velorium Camper or whatever way was wrong)
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The Blue album for 5 bucks haha.
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The Blue album for 5 bucks haha.

i got the version of stereopathetic soulmanure by beck where "no money no honey" is split over two tracks and "one foot in the grave/aphid manure heist" are split over three tracks. its annoying cuz it throws all the songs after them out of order but hey, its a rare find and it was only 12$ so im happy.
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The other day I picked up Zeni Geva and Steve Albini - All Right You Little Bastards! for a dollar.....I looked it up online to find out about the album since all I knew is that Steve Albini is cool and it seems that it is like a 35 dollar cd

Also I have ****load of promo cds
^ Who is Zeni Geva?
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Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullsh*t in order to be comfortable?

That's when you know you found somebody special. When you can just shut the f*ck up for a minute, and comfortably share silence.

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^ Who is Zeni Geva?

Some crazy Japanese noise rock/hardcore band
Jonathan Fire*Eater - Wolf Songs For Lambs Promo CD ($7.50)
Preston School of Industry - Monsoon Promo ($1.99)
M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Ghosts with 7 track bonus CD ($8.50)
Barely used My Iron Lung EP for $7
Supergrass - In It For The Money Limited Ed. with Bonus Disc ($7.50)
The Verve - Urban Hymns ($5)
American Football S/T ($3)
David Gray - White Ladder ($5)
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain ($5)
I came across promo copies of:

Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
Ray LaMontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - The Swell Season
Love of Everything - Superior Mold and Die
Two Gallants - What the Toll Tells

for $3 each a couple days ago. Quite good pick-ups overall.
Also, I picked up a copy of Loaded by The Velvet Underground on vinyl....that was pretty awesome
Oh yeah....heres more
The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat 4.99
Pavement - Crooked Crooked Rain: LAs Desert blahblahblah Disc One 1.99

yeah...i am a good shopper
Some of my dad's record collection would probably be pretty rare now but its not a 'find' at all seen as he just gave them to me. But it did take me a long time to find 'Cry Tough' by Nils Lofgren on vinyl...ended up costing $2 though.
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I got the Nirvana bootleg Morituri Salutant for 4 bucks. That was pretty awesome.
Umm I remeber this one time a teacher of mine gave me an enire crate of vinyl for like 10 dollars...yeah, that was cool

(Truth be to told that one was attempt to get people to pay attention to this thread)