actually more than one question...

1. i hear that the zr trem doesnt like have as much...reach? idk the word i'm looking for ...but i hear it doesnt have as much reach as like a floyd rose or edge trem?

2. is the zr a direct swap for a ofr? i thought i heard that somewhere

3. can i put a dtuna or some sort of dropped tuning device on the zr?

thanks alot because i'm really interested in an ibanez s series guitar. thanks.
Can you get a ZR trem by itself? Without buying an S guitar?
1. Apparently a little less...but it shouldn't really limit you. Just listen to Dragonforce .

I'm not 100% sure about the other two. But you should know that you have to block a floating trem to install a d-tuna. Being able to pull up, or only being able to go down + d-tuna, your choice.

And YYZ, I've seen ZRs on sale online (maybe on ibanezrules?) but they were waaaay overpriced.
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Damn man, that is expensive. Not as much as the Kahler i was looking at though.
3. yes you can Mad knows about it but i dont know **** all about the trem unit it self.

1. yes and from what ive heard its because of the thin body lining so thats why the unit doesnt have such big range

2. i dont know maybe you should try it out
1. Yeah, doesnt have as much reach as a normal Floyd Rose system would, as explained a lot by several users.

2. I dont think it would be a swap at all, ZR system doesnt use knife edges, it uses ball bearings instead and series of springs, even the spring and cavity section are different. Even if you can fit a floyd inside those, The S body wont accept the long trem block that an OFR/similar has, you need to replace it if you can find a suitable sized block or grind it smaller.

3. As given details by Japanese S-Prestige series, i think they give a free D-Tuner that looks like this, apparently its no longer in the official website so im not too sure.

If you wanna try and just get the trem, be my guest, do give us some feeds. Contact Rich from Ibanezrules.com and see whether he could place an order from Ibanez for you.
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Thats what she said...
Trem range is limited by the depth of S body, not the bridge itself.

Swap? Mmm, whyever? But it would be like trying to put a big block V8 engine in a Honda Civic... Not an easy fit.

I would detune my low E with the fine tuner and lose no tuning in general. Used .10s... The stock detuner on ZR was basically that - a fine tuner dropper.
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