this is about an old ex girlfriend of mine that i still love but she just wont have anything to do with me anymore so i guess you could say its the typical same old song

Lets forget about our friendship for just one night
i want to make this perfect we need to do this one right
and with candles under moon light my heart on a plate
you wont let me pass even with the tears running down your face
you wont give me one more embrace

(bridge) our time together is dripping off into the moringing
are you going to change your mind?
you keep your heart take mine you have everything else already.

you rape my mind and make me think
maybe we could fill each other with love and not hate.
but you keep your gates closed
with the same old look on your stupid perfect face
denying my offer for one last embrace.
Awsem dude.
Good ****, i could feel it.

I really liked the "stupid perfect face" line.
shows that you still love her but shes a bitch. no offence
You must sacrifice a baby llama to the sun gods.
i agree with metal is fun, these lyrics really spoke to me, cuz i wrote a song a bit similiar to this, and i know what ur talking about. Alot of ppl just lable anything about a girl you lost as emo but i dont think that way, but this song is pretty good, especially if its one of ur first. Might I suggest extending it a bit?
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