ok i here these guys on radio all day and they have like incredibly high vocal pitches.. is it just that only some people can reach those pitches??? or is it they way they sing???
Although I agree with the notion that it takes practice like most other things, there are some that cannot hit those pitches due to physical reasons.
some of it is god given, like mariah carey, but there are exersises and techniques to train your voice
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(to Broken Pick) He forces it...he actually created a cyst in his vocal cords from forcing it too much lol
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ummm... you can't actually "extend" your range, it's something you are born with. you can learn to control the higher notes better and hit them more acurately, but there is a certain point where every person just can no longer sing full voice. you could sing falsetto though and train that pretty high.
anyone have a few good sites??? and how do you know when you physically cant hit the notes??? and is it bad if im in a band and i cant sing as high as those people on radio???

isnt singing falsetto to hit the high notes not professional???
A professional singer should have control over his/her falsetto as much as anything else, but some work on that more than others.

Part of the key to being a good singer is knowing your range, and choosing material (or transposing material) that best suits your voice. Imagine if John Lennon sang Ace of Spades! Imagine if Lemme sang Imagine. You get the idea. Don't worry about not being able to sing as high as so-and-so. If you can't sing super high, just don't do Skid Row and Iron Maiden. If you can't control your falsetto well, don't do anything by The Darkness. If you can't scream like your throat is burning with hot tar, don't do AC/DC. Maybe you'll find yourself doing more middle of the road vocal material. Big deal. Most pop singers have about a two octave range that is neither really high nor really low. They just do good songs in their range. It never hurt Green Day's career....

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