I have an Ibanez SZ720FM electric guitar. I have been adjusting the truss rod (very carefully) so that the string over 8th/9th fret is about a credit cards distance from the fret board when pressing the 1st and 17th (that's where my neck meets body) frets. That seems to be setup just fine.

My problem is that my guitar doesn't play well unless I set the action (via the bridge) so high. When I set the action low, I get fret buzz and the notes just don't ring well. When I set the action high, my notes are very crisp and the tone just sounds better. I can't seem to find middle ground here; setting my action any lower results in at least one of the (usually the low A string) strings being too low to the fretboard and I get that muffled sound on certain frets.

Had anyone had a similar experience to this or working their way around it? I am just trying to find a good tone while still getting the action low enough for decent playability.

Thanks all.....

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