When I was looking into some slap and pop songs, I was interested in Tell Me Baby by RHCP but im a bit confused by the mute slap. Do I use my fretting hand or do I palm mute it while i slap it?
I'm pretty sure you palm mute slap it, thats what i do and it works fine. great song by the way (no pun intended) but not one of their best albums.
No no no... don't palm mute it. Place your fretting hand over the strings lightly and slap it for the percussive sound. Don't use your palm... it will just slow you down.

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yea, palm muting it will just be awkward, and hard to slap.
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you do not palm mute it...you mute it with your fretting hand.
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I'm assuming you could do either . . . just whichever works better for you. Personally I find that the pm slows me down, but it's really up to you
in general it seems to me that the only time that you should really palm mute is when you need to kill off a string's vibration, like your low b or e cause they tend to ring out if you dont stop them and muddy the sound. the rest of the time i mute with my fingering hand.

thats just me though, do what you want, its your style.

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when i play it..i never palm mute...
but you know who palm mute slap?
Korn ^_^
flea almost never palm mutes, to my knowledge, every video i've seen it shows him left hand muting.
The way I "pm" riffs is that I place my pinky finger a little bit above the base of the string at the bridge. It gives it that much deeper sound without to much of the extra grind. Now if you are doing some quick riffs like Fieldy's slap riff for Got The Life, you use your neck hand to slightly mute the string, but that gives it that heavy twang/crunch sound, when you use your pinky and do it on the bridge, like for Fieldy's verse riff for Ball Tongue, you'll hear is had a bit of twang, but it's mostly just a lot deeper. I play his riffs like there's no tomorrow on my Ibanez Ergodyne EDB605, so I've watched a lot of live videos and played the legit tabs a ton. That's how he does it. You can see him do it in this video on my myspace page about a 1:13 seconds into it for the pinky mute. If you want to see how he does the quick neck mutes watch the live Got The Life video of him playing at CBGB's. Also, for those of you trying to get that Fieldy deep but high twang sound, active electronics are a MUST!!!!!! On my bass amp, I have it at treble 10, bass 8-9, and mid OFF!!!!! On my bass I have it at treble 10, bass 10, and mid OFF!!!! I've gotten EASILY the best results off of these settings, I've ton more combinations (none of them with mid, 'cause for those of you who don't know Fieldy's bass mado, "Turn that **** off!") then I care to remember.