i need some cheap effect pedals so can sum1 give me some names of brands that are cheap???
Danelectro (i'm pretty sure it's them) makes a line of pedals which are $20/15 sterling each. I think the line is called "FAB".
Behringer are very cheap, and im sure theyre pretty good too, one of the only difference from the boss ones is that the casing is plastic not metal so they wont take as much hammer if your gigging but theyre perfectly good pedals. you can get them off piedog.com for £13 each
Danelectro and Behringer are cheap - but another alternative is to look on eBay for older, but not "vintage", Japanese pedals such as Yamaha, Aria, Tokai and others. You can get some great deals on really good pedals.
I suggest Danelectro. Their FAB pedals are ownage for the price. You should check them out sometime.
Eh...Ive tried most those little Fab pedals...IMO the Behringers are just as nice for less price. And Behringer has fnckin every kind of pedal imaginable out there right now. Its pretty easy to do though when youre rippin off Boss schematics and all that lol.
The Behringer pedals are pretty nice but the problem is that they give a lot of hiss. The only way to solve that is by changing the cheap plastic housing with a sturdy aluminium one for example. This will shield the components and prevent nasty hiss and hums. The only drawbacks Behringer pedals have are the cheap build quality and nasty feedback noises. Both can be solved by a cheap modification.