Never heard of it but i was wondering if its any good? I saw one for about 200 on craigslist and was thinking about it?
Overall its a good guitar, but depends on which year and which model its made. In 1985 they still use the Pro Rocker trem, which IMO would be a pain to replace coz its no longer in production and no one seems to have them in stock. In 1986 they've replaced it with an Ibanez Edge which was better. Some models are bolt-ons and some neck thrus. All Proline with HSS have duo-bucker system i believe.
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That looks like the PL1770

The bridge isnt recessed so you can only do a very limited up-pull (suitable for simple vibratos) but you can do a dive very well. Think of it sorta like EVH style. Trem is very good, Ibanez Edge. Fretboard is ebony so its darker. 5 p'up combination, with duo-bucker system. The tone is push-pull so that you could access the duo bucker system. AFAIK the body is alder, not mahogany.

There's also a preset button, here's the manual for your reference

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Depending on the condition. Without cosmetic flaws, yeah, I'd hit that in a blink of an eye. Mind you, there isn't really anything awesome about Prolines that modern Ibanez guitars are known for - the neck's thicker, the Edge is non-recessed, pups are also nothing to get excited over, but the overall quality of those things is very good. It'll play as good as any strat, and has a similar feel. Just don't try to open one up and swap its pickups in twenty minutes (like I once did) before figuring out the preset schematic.
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I'd get this over any strat any time. Just that you oughta look for neck-joint cracks, old heel pocket joint tends to crack easier than an AANJ. The neck is definately thinner than of normal strat i think but not as thin as the Wizard series, probably in a range between the Wizard II and the Ibanez X-neck.

Could you try it out 1st and look for damage?
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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alright thanx i will try to go try it out and then maybe ill get it you guys helped me out a ton
is that like praline? I would really like to eat a praline guitar....
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