Well, the band and I (2 guitarists and a drummer) cannot find a bass player we like or who shares our musical ideas and have come up with this idea of having two double neck guitar+bass guitars so we can have either two guitars, guitar and bass, or even two bass' playing at the same time.
We play a progressive/experimental stlye and we figured this would be a great way to set us apart from other bands.

We quickly discovered that double neck guitars with guitar+bass are hard to find and expensive so we figure we'll just buy parts and make our own.

I have been searching all around the internet for ages and simply cannot find a decent double neck body. If knows where I could find one please reply to this topic.

I have all the people i need to put this together, but would appreciate some kind of guide or tips and tricks.

I go to boarding school so don't be suprised if i dont reply until next weekend.
even if you get it to work you'll need two outputs going to a bass and a guitar amp and it will be complicated with the wiring and i think it'd be more pain than its worth. Maybe you and the other guitarist should interchange bass duties for different creations/songs.

just make sure. if you go ahead with building your own make sure you get the measurements excact for both necks otherwise neck might work and the other's inotation could be screwed.
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Go to their bodies section. They make a P-bass / Stratocastor double neck body. They also sell all the necks and everything.

If your in the US they are very reasonable prices, however, if your outside shipping and taxes make it a bit pricey.
wow, you guys are quick to reply. Ive thought about the dualk outputs and whatnot, but i have seen guitar+bass double necks made by companies so its possibly, probably very hard, but possible.

Thanks alot for the Warmoth link, its got just what I need.
There's also a couple of already made ones on eBay, but you can tell theyre poor quality. Check em out though. I have no link though.
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