Hey i was just wondering what the order of events in a band should be like.

1. Join/Start a Band (obviously)
2. Do Covers
3. Write
4. gig
5. record
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There isn't really any set order to do things in. Obviously you'll have to join a band first, and you can't do gigs until you've got a load of songs - cover or original - down, but there's no real order to do it in.

Just write and play how and when you want/need to.
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there isnt really a set order, i wrote like an albums worth of decent songs vefore i ever joined band, and none of the bands do more than like two or three covers. You dont need a band to write songs, especially if you can play multiple instrument or are comfortable with working with synths and drum machines.
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It's whatever sometimes it could be

2) Join/Start a Band
3) Record
4) Gig

It doesn't matter it's whatever works or happens.
Like the others said, there really is no set order and your situation will all depend on different circumstances. But my order is usually this:

1. Write (you should always be writing no matter if you are in a band or not)
2. Join a band
3. Actually practice with the band
4. Gig (I used not to think this way, but you should gig before you record) The reason being you need to test your songs in the market and see what works and what doesn't. That way you can polish your songs to be the best.

5. Record a strach demo

6. Gig more

7. Record at a "real" studio

8. Organize a press kit.

9. Look for bigger gigs

10. Look for press.
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