i use the fender hot rod deluxe and its perfect for blues but with rock you may wanna buy an od pedal to push it further since its overdrive is pretty weak
the vox is not a "real" tube amp?

I would go for the Hot Rod. and ti that have a high gain distortion pedal for metal
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The Vox AD Valvetronix series is great, but with that money you could get something better. *If* you get the blues or the hot rod deluxe, you'll have to get some kind of distortion pedal too...which is the plus side to the Valvetronix: modeling. Perhaps a JCM 800, but theyre not the best and only do one kind of sound I guess, but you could look into it, it's good for your style
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any of them i have the vox but all of them are great, dont go with the marshall comment marshalls have crappy tone.
^JCM800's have probably one of the most sought after rock n roll tones.
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